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OT: Red Sox @ Twins, 2.28.08

First open thread of the season. Woo-hoo! Daisuke Matsuzaka gets the start with Hideki Okajima immediately following him after, I assume, two innings of work. Here's the lineup:

Lugo, ss
Pedroia, 2b
Ortiz, dh
Ramirez, lf
Lowell, 3b
Youkilis, 1b
Varitek, c
Crisp, cf
Kielty, rf

No JD Drew or Jacoby Ellsbury, but it's still a pretty solid lineup. I'm not sure how much action we'll get in the comments, but you know what? It's the first real game so let's do an open thread! Woo-hoo! Baseball!

Life is back to normalcy...

(Sidenote: I'm going to start doing player projections next week. I'll take suggestions for who we should do. Maybe we'll even do the entire starting nine with the rotation and key members of the bullpen.)