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Sox beat Boston College, 24-0

So the Red Sox won today. They beat the Boston College Eagles. I mean, really beat. I mean, to an inch of their lives beat. I mean ... 24-0.

Josh Beckett started the game and struck out four in two innings. Javier Lopez allowed the only hit of the game by the Red Sox. With that sad performance, I vote we kick him off the team. That's just not acceptable.

In other as-important news: Brandon Moss went 3-for-3 with 3 RBI. George Kottaras went 2-for-3 with 3 RBI. Tony Granadillo hit a grand slam.

Impressed yet?

The Sox also had an eight-run 2nd inning. Needless to say, these guys were mashing today. They're playing Northeastern as we speak with Justin Masterson on the mound.