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Presenting: the Positives of the Sean Casey signing.

  • More Competition for the Sox' Annual World's Slowest Man Contest.
    This one almost goes without saying. No longer will ONLY Dougie, Papi, and Lowell be the ones to turn 2Bs into 1Bs. "Help is on the way."
  • No tough decisions about where to play him.
    He plays 1B. In 8,640 1/3 ML defensive innings, he has never played a position other than 1B (in 81 total MiL games, he has played only, you guessed it, 1B). You don't want to have any questions about where you put your bench players. For my bench, versatility is a big negative.
  • No waiting around for the big HR.
    Don't worry. He's not going to give it to you anyway. Lowered expectations make them easier to reach.
  • A Natural Leader.
    Once led the GIDPs! Did I mention that he's very slow?

You might get the idea that I'm not entirely thrilled with this signing. I'm not. I have no problem with Sean Casey. I don't think he'll create any issues for the club, and his .OBP is likely to be solid at worst. A couple of things though.

  • The Sox don't need a defensive replacement at 1B. - Even if they did, I'm not sure Casey would be the best choice. Regardless, the Sox could've gone a little more offensive-minded in terms of a LHH off the bench.
  • The Sox (or any team) could use more versatility out of their bench players. - For what the Sox will expect him to do, he'll be fine. But when you have only four bench slots to begin with, your non-backup C-types should be able to play more than one position. Casey isn't an option for anything but 1B. Or DH, I guess, but then Mariners' fans would be able to laugh at us. And it would mean Papi was something less than healthy.
All right. I guess that's really only two major complaints. This isn't a bad signing in my mind. Just think there were some other options out there (Chris Carter, Ryan Klesko, etc.) worth exploring first. And, it could be that the Sox did and didn't like what they saw.

I dunno. These are just my opinions. Feel free to just state: "Allen, you're dumb", in the comments. I can take it.

Programming Note: Expect the next Top Moment Saturday afternoon (CST), with possibility of special bonus post.