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Sox Scoop: Tavarez the Trash man, Pedroia arrives

Terry Francona took his anger out on some of his pitchers today. Julian Tavarez received the blunt of it while Tito screamed "NO MORE ROLLING THE BALL TO FIRST BASE!":

Terry Francona got to indulge in his usually gleeful drill, the one where he hits (slightly softer) baseballs at his pitchers, who have to field them. A few bruises usually emerge, and this year the victim seemed to be Julian Tavarez, who walked out of the complex carrying a large trash bag filled with stuff. You just never know with him.

A trash bag? Hmm. I don't even want to know what was in it.

The American League's 2007 Rookie of the Year was the second position player to arrive in camp today. Dustin Pedroia finished off the right side of the infield after Kevin Youkilis arrived the other day. Jed Lowrie is also in camp.

Here is your "Rockin' Red Sox Picture of the Day:"

Source: AP