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Uh oh: The Oki Doke is adding to his pitching arsenal

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Red Sox stud reliever Hideki Okajima learned a lot last season, his first in the MLB. But he has learned even more this off-season:

Hideki Okajima smiled, raised one finger to his lips and said "secret" when asked about his new pitch. ...

Even the pitch he's developing to go with his devastating split-finger fastball is no longer a secret. It's a two-seam fastball, Farrell revealed, but it's effectiveness remains a mystery "until he gets in games and he's able to throw that against hitters."


This year there will be more adjustments after one of the heaviest workloads of his 13 pro seasons left him worn out by September. He plans to throw fewer pitches between appearances so he can "peak at the end of the season," Okajima said Wednesday through a translator.

Not only is Oki good, he's smart! He's adjusting to the major league game like the true veteran he is. Some players from Japan come to the U.S. but just can't cut it or want to adapt. Oki has cut it, adapted to it and kicked its ass.

I'm excited to see this new two-seamer. Daisuke Matsuzaka throws a nice two-seamer; did he learn it from him? Maybe Julian Tavarez? I really can't wait to see it ... and we won't have much longer to wait because today's the day! Ahhh, spring training. The greatest time of the year.