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Mark Teixeira too good for the Red Sox

According to Murray Chass, Mark Teixeira and his wife did not want to live in Boston, nor did Teixeira want to be a Red Sox:

Teixeira didn’t sign with the Red Sox, a baseball official said, because he and his wife, especially his wife, didn’t want to live in Boston. If necessary, they were going to choose the big bad city of New York, and they did.

“He just didn’t want to go to Boston,” the official said. “He didn’t want to be a Red Sox so Boras called the Yankees and said he really wants to be a Yankee."

He didn't want to be a Red Sox, huh? It's funny how he wouldn't want to be a Red Sox, but there's a guy like Curt Schilling who just absolutely raves about his time with the Red Sox:

The trump card though, for me anyway, is that Boston offers something far beyond what any team or city can hope to bring to the table. It’s a new age here, there are completely different expectations each year for the Red Sox, and from Sox Nation. I can’t imagine not having experienced this city, the fans, the ballpark, as a hometown player prior to my last year (if this is fact my last one).

Think Packer football, Cowboy football, Yankee baseball, Penn State football, ‘Bama football, all rolled into one.

I personally think Teixeira is pussy-whipped, but that might just be my opinion...