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Sox out of big time free agent market for good?

Sean McAdam from the Herald has a really interesting piece out today that basically says the Red Sox could just bow out of the free agency market from now on and rely on their system to succeed:

But in the long run, that disappointment may give way to a sea change in how the Red Sox operate. Reminded again how futile it can be to get into checkbook duels with the Yankees, indications are that the Sox are leaning toward swearing off big-ticket free agents for good while continuing to emphasize scouting and player development.


But the process - including Lowell feeling betrayed - left them with a sour taste in their mouth and made them determined to avoid the market whenever possible.

Everywhere the Red Sox look there’s evidence that free spending for free agents is ultimately a losing proposition. The number of staggeringly bad big-ticket deals - Merry Christmas to you, Barry Zito - signed in recent years helps support their argument.

We have a great farm system, but McAdam points out that the draft is a crapshoot no matter how good your scouting team is. The Sox have a few ripe players ready for the majors, but there are certainly the abundant raw players that won't see the majors for at least three or four years.

Personally, if the Sox wanted to go forward and re-sign their players and build the team through the draft, I say go for it. I think the Red Sox would still be a very good team because there would be even more of an emphasis on scouting and training so they'd get even better.

I don't think it's 100 percent feasible to avoid free agency all together, though. Maybe sign a utility infielder or a 5th starter, something like that every once in awhile.

I think the Sox should go for it and see how they do. Perhaps they could single-handedly change the baseball landscape forever.