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Opinions around the 'Net: Mark Teixeira

I'm trying to get away from Mark Teixeira, but we all know that's going to be difficult for at least a little bit. Here's some reactions from around the Interweb:

  • Bill Burt from the Eagle-Tribune writes Teixeira got everything he wanted when he set out for a new team, but he should be prepared for boos of a lifetime come April 24 when the teams match up for the first time in 2009.
  • The Globe's Adam Kilgore says "Red Sox fans are waking up this day before Christmas with a new hardball villain." Villain is probably an understatement at this point.
  • Bob Ryan takes it from the NY perspective: they're back and they mean business.
  • ESPN's Buster Olney says the Red Sox are losers in the Teixeira deal. That sounds like the obvious conclusion, but I don't think the Red Sox are as big of losers as most people think.
  • Sean McAdam breaks down the bizarre sequence of the whole deal.
  • Steve Buckley writes how the Teixeira deal for the Yankees is good for the best rivalry in sports (I said that, right?).
  • Mike Finn from the Patriot Ledger writes that the Yankees may have won, but the Sox really didn't: "The Red Sox, on the other hand, remain in excellent shape to make another championship run next season."
  • Daniel Barbarisi from Projo says now the Sox can focus on what is more important: who's playing catcher in 2009?


  • Ian Browne says the rivalry is back.
  • Denton at Surviving Grady describes the Boras/Sox/Teixeira negotiations so eloquently: "It's like Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown, only to snatch it away at the last minute, leaving Chuck ass-over-handlebars once again. It must suck." Denton, though, didn't want to give up an 8-year contract to Teix.
  • What's your morning after plan?