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Jon Lester featured at Driveline Mechanics

SBNation has a lot of great blogs on this network, especially in the bread and butter of the baseball category. One of the newer and most interesting blogs is Driveline Mechanics which breaks down mechanics of baseball pitchers. Tonight DM posted a pitch F/X profile of Jon Lester that's really in-depth and interesting:

Suffice it to say, Jon Lester is well-equipped to remain one of the better starters in the American League. With two different fastballs, a devastating cutter and a sweeping curve, Lester can locate his pitches to all four quadrants of the strike zone. If there is a concern with Jon, it's that his workload increased by a whopping 74 innings between 2007 and 2008. The consequences of that increase remain to be seen. But, if Lester remains healthy, don't be surprised if makes a serious run at the Cy Young Award in 2009.

I won't pretend I understand everything of what's in that post, but it's good reading nevertheless. David Golebiewski breaks down all of Lester's pitches and his tendencies. If you're bored and want to strain your brain (in a good way, of course), check out the post.