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Gammons update: Teixeira, Bowden

A lot of good tidbits from Mr. Peter Gammons tonight:

  • Gammons writes regarding Mark Teixeira to Boston: "One source close to Teixeira said Friday that the two sides are not that far apart, and the conciliatory and civilized nature of those words made it obvious that Teixeira likes Mr. Henry's neighborhood, he just wants the kitchen and heating system redone as part of the deal."
  • He also notes that while Jason Varitek was probably guaranteed at least $10M by Scott Boras on the open market, he has zero offers at this point. Gammons mentions that the Sox tried to trade Daniel Bard for Arizona's Miguel Montero but the D-Backs wouldn't accept.
  • Theo Epstein will not trade Michael Bowden, according to Gammons. Check out Lone Star Ball's reaction to this tidbit.
  • Gammo wonders if the Sox will eat the remaining $22M off of Eric Byrnes' contract to try and grab Montero if they can't work out a deal for Rocco Baldelli. Last I knew, the Red Sox hadn't made an offer/were interseted in Baldelli, but that should change.
  • The Sox worked out Junichi Tazawa with major league baseballs, but Gammons doesn't indicate if it was before or after the signing. He writes that Daisuke Matsuzaka had problems transitioning because baseballs in Japan are smaller, making pitches easier to throw.