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Boston interested in Jake Peavy?

With deals breaking down to trade Jake Peavy to the Braves and the Cubs, what will it take for the Red Sox to swoop in, flash Peavy a smile and lure him to Boston? Nick Cafardo writes the Red Sox have "some" interest:

The Red Sox have "some" interest in Jake Peavy, but as of a few days ago the teams had not entertained any substantive trade talks as Padres GM Kevin Towers knew that Boston was not on Peavy's wish list. But now that talks with Atlanta and the Cubs have broken down, Towers needs a new team to deal with and the 27-year-old Peavy, according to his agent, Barry Axelrod, probably would OK a deal to Boston. But if there's a Teixeira splash, the Red Sox might not have the money to entertain it.

It would take a lot to bring Peavy to Boston, but I'm about willing to do anything. It would take Clay Buchholz, Michael Bowden or Lars Anderson (most likely Bowden) and at least three more pretty good prospects to get Peavy. I'm pretty much willing to do that.

Cafardo also mentions that with the 5th starter hole, the Red Sox have examined medical records for Brad Penny and John Smoltz.