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John Henry: Economy may effect offseason moves

Red Sox owner John Henry wrote to the Associated Press that the shape of the economy may effect the Red Sox's dealings with certain free agents:

"We all have limits," Red Sox owner John Henry said in an e-mail to The Associated Press. "Eight years is a very long time in baseball and everywhere else."

He also said the amount the team is willing to spend on a free agent "depends on both" the economy and the player being sought.

"Baseball as a whole has not yet been hit by the financial crisis, but it will," Henry said. "The degree is in question and won't be answered for a while."

It seems obvious, but at least he's addressing it. Obviously the Sox have more leeway than some MLB teams, but I find the last quote the most interesting. We have no idea what the economy is going to do from here on out, but even if it rebounds there will probably be some reaction to the MLB.

Oh, and Mark Teixeira hasn't signed yet. I'm predicting we have an answer tomorrow though.