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The Mark Teixeira Update: Dec. 17

I think I should just make a special section here at OTM called "Mark Teixeira," because I seem to be posting about him 34 times a day.

Here's the latest around the web concerning Teixeira and the Sox:

  • Nick Cafardo writes that according to one GM of a team involved in trying to sign Teixeira, the Red Sox are in the lead in the Teixeira sweepstakes. He said "they're in the lead" and he's "not sure who who's bidding against them at this point."
  • Big Buster Olney says that Teixeira to the O's is unlikely. The O's haven't increased their offer and it would take a serious desire for Teixeira to play there for him to accept their offer.
  • According to, it looks like the Red Sox, Nationals and Angels have offered 8-year deals while the O's are still at 7. The Nats and Angels seems to sit around $160M, while we still don't know what the Sox have offered. I'll assume they're in the $165, $170M range -- maybe more. But maybe not more, because I'd think Teixeira would make up his mind if the Sox were that far from other offers.

I'm sure more will come out soon, but I really have to believe that we're getting close to D-Day. The offers don't seem to be changing much, so it all comes down to what Teixeira wants to do. Honestly, I can't see this thing NOT ending with Teixeira become a Red Sox.