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Rosenthal on Teixeira, Sox

FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal has the latest with Mark Teixeira and the Red Sox:

The Nats will not outbid the Red Sox by that amount for Teixeira. The Yankees are at least on the periphery. And the Angels announced Friday that they have made Teixeira an eight-year offer, perhaps to demonstrate the seriousness of their intentions at a time when their chances appear to be diminishing.

The Nats have offered Teixeira $160 million for eight years, according to The Washington Post. The Red Sox might not be at eight years and might not be at $20 million per season. The Yankees' interest could be sincere or it could be a ruse by the team and/or Boras.

As one general manager said, "There is a lot of bluffing going on trying to get the Red Sox to go higher."

This is what it seems like to me. The Red Sox have been so quiet because I think they're trying to stick to their guns as long as possible. And, perhaps, when it's close and they might not be in the lead, that's when Theo & Crew will open up the pay check, swoop in and grab Teixeira ... or that's what I hope.