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Sox News & Notes: Dec. 11

Just random stuff here at 3 o'clock on Thursday:

  • No word yet on new uniforms or logos, which is supposed to be announced today.
  • No one has any idea what the status is with Jason Varitek. The Herald reported it was a two-year deal on the table from the Red Sox, but then the Globe said there was no deal in place.
  • The Red Sox are a "finalist" for Mark Teixeira -- apparently. It looks like it's down to the Red Sox, Angels, Orioles and Nationals, but the Yankees may or may not sneak back into the race.
  • Jake Peavy to the Cubs is a "dead" deal. C'mon, Jake, reconsider Boston, please. Wouldn't you want to live this rivalry, especially if the Yankes continue to sign some pitchers and the Sox get Teixeira? What would a package for Peavy cost us?
  • The Rule 5 draft was today. The Sox made three selections. Nothing huge to report here, but there's some promise definitely.
  • The Wes Littleton trade was completed by sending prospect Beau Vaughan over to Texas. I really liked Vaughan, but who knows where he would be in our system. In Texas, though? He's going to be their closer (OK, maybe not yet).
  • And finally, if you're bored -- like I am -- and want some hot stove updates, just check out Just keep hitting refresh and you'll get new content courtesy of Tim Dierkes and his crew.