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Red Sox out of Burnett sweepstakes

The Mazz writes the Red Sox are out on AJ Burnett bidding:

The Red Sox never seemed fully invested in talks for A.J. Burnett, so it should it come as no surprise that the competition for the pitcher now seems to have come down to two teams: the Yankees and Braves.

According to a baseball source, the Red Sox and Toronto Blue Jays have been all but officially eliminated for the pitcher's services. Discussions with Burnett now are focusing on two teams - the Braves and Yankees, the latter of which has agreed to terms with CC Sabathia on a seven-year, $161 million contract.

I never really thought this would happen anyways. Derek Lowe looks far-fetched at this point, too. Think the Sox are still going to get another starting pitcher? I'm not too sure at this point. Mark Teixeira, however, definitely seems like a possibility.