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Red Sox interested in John Smoltz?

Tom Verducci from writes the Sox could be interested in signing free agent pitcher John Smoltz:

1. The Red Sox are intrigued with the idea of a potential postseason rotation of Josh Beckett, Diasuke Matsuzaka, Jon Lester and . . . John Smoltz? Despite losing on their gambit last year to bring back Curt Schilling (felled by a shoulder problem), the Red Sox have interest in adding Smoltz, one of the greatest postseason pitchers of his generation. Smoltz, 42, has resumed throwing off a mound after undergoing shoulder surgery in June.

This would be an interesting pickup, but money is of course the question. But the bottom line is, why not? If he's pretty good deal I think the Sox should jump on it. I figure you'll get one of two things: a crappy, old pitcher or a stellar veteran that can get you 12 to 14 wins. I'll take that.

Poll attached!