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Jason Bay: Worth an extension?

According to Alex Speier's blog on, Jason Bay is interested in discussing a contract extension with the Red Sox. At present he is due to hit the free agent market in the 2009 offseason (along with Matt Holliday). From the blog:

“It’s a situation where he’s loving Boston. It’s a great club and a great organization,” said Nez Balelo of Creative Artists Agency. “He’s a quality player, and I’m sure (the Red Sox) recognize that. Whatever they want to do, I’m sure that we’re all ears.”

I think it's worth talking. Bay has proven he can hit in Boston, and in the playoffs. Overall, he hit .286 / .373 / .522 with 31 HR between Boston and Pittsburgh. His .302 Equivalent Average was fourth best on the team, behind Drew (.314), Youk (.313) and Manny (.310).

The only knock on him is defense: an .821 RZR in his limited time in Boston. His arm isn't great, and he doesn't have great range (or plays balls too tentatively). Some of that may be unfamiliarity with the Green Monster.

Contract talks would probably start around $16 million a year for 5+ years. What say you, OTMers? Deal or no deal?