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Hot Stove Update, 11/23: Teixeira, Varitek

Randy Youngman from the OC Register predicts Mark Teixeira will land with the Red Sox before Christmas:

But I don't think it will be with the Angels. If he were going to re-sign in Anaheim, I think it already would have happened. Just a gut feeling. Even the people I talk to in the organization don't seem optimistic.

Teixeira would be ridiculed if he signed with perpetual losers such as the Baltimore Orioles or Washington Nationals, so my guess is he'll sign with the Boston Red Sox.

Kinda makes sense, if you ask me. If Big Teix wants to be on the East Coast and the Red Sox are willing to break the bank, then there we go -- we have a new first baseman ... and a new third baseman (sort of). says, according to Buster Olney: "The Red Sox are preparing, full-steam ahead, to play 2009 without Jason Varitek."

The Red Sox may be preparing but they still need to make a move. I don't think Kevin Cash can be the Red Sox' full-time catcher...