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Brian Schneider a good fit for the Red Sox?

According to Jon Heyman, the Mets are willing to trade some of their catching talent, including Brian Schneider who the Red Sox have previously had interest in:

There are indications the Mets might consider overhauling their catching situation. While the Mets haven't spoken publicly about any dissatisfaction with their tandem of Brian Schneider and Ramon Castro, some competing executives say the Mets, whose top priorities remain a closer and a starting pitcher, appear open to trading either catcher.

Should the Mets find a deal for their catchers, longtime Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek, a free agent, could be a possibility for them. Mets GM Omar Minaya has always liked Ivan Rodriguez, but it isn't known whether they'd consider I-Rod, as well.

Boston still has interest in keeping Varitek but isn't close to a deal with him yet. The Red Sox have looked into several other catching possibilities, including the Texas foursome of Jarrod Saltalamcchia, Gerald LairdTaylor Teagarden and Max Ramirez.

I'm a fan of Schneider and I think the Red Sox are, too. He swings an OK stick, but his defense and game-calling is where he wins over teammates -- a lot like Varitek. Perhaps the Sox could trade for Schneider and grab a young catcher to work into the system. Schneider could be the full-time catcher and rotate with the youngster who, perhaps, could be one of the Rangers' trio.

Ideally (at least in my opinion), Varitek would come back with a cheap contract, the Sox would trade for a young catcher and then the grooming would begin. But it seems like Varitek would have to pass up a lot of money if that was the situation. If he wants too much, who could blame the Sox for not bringing him back? I love Varitek but the money is where things go downhill.