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Top 10 Red Sox Moments of the Year -- suggestion box!

Where will this moment rank in 2008's best moments? (via

Just like we did last year, we here at Over The Monster are compiling the top 10 best moments of the 2008 Boston Red Sox season. But, like always, we really need your help to help us conjure up the best moments (or better yet, the moments that were great but may slip our minds).

Before we go any further, let me rehash everyone's memory on last year's top 10:

  1. Who could forget last year's No. 1? That was Clay Buchholz's no-hitter. I can still see Nick Markakis' knees bend on that curveball to end the game.
  2. This memory was an early one of 2007, but we all agreed that this was huge: Mother's Day Miracle. I haven't said this much, but thank you, Julio Lugo.
  3. The emergence of Hideki Okajima slotted in at No. 3. That was the moment in the season when we knew: "Yup, this guy is good."
  4. Pure domination -- Josh Beckett style (in the playoffs, nonetheless).
  5. In hindsight, maybe this moment should have been a little higher. But still, Jon Lester's first game back after defeating cancer. What an amazing story.
  6. Did anyone say, "back-to-back-to-back-to-back"? This one still feels good.
  7. Yup, the Red Sox won a World Series in 2007 but still game four only hits No. 7 on our countdown. (And, as Allen will tell you, I lobbied for this to be much higher. I remember telling Allen something along the lines of "This is when Lester became the pitcher we know he can be." Oh, and look. What happened this year, Allen? Huh. That's right. Winner, winner chicken dinner).
  8. Just like the moment above, this one was sort of a "hey, look what I can do!" kind of moment. Can you guess what it is? JD Drew's grand slam in the ALCS vs. the Indians. That's when all of Red Sox Nation rejoiced and forgot about Drew's struggles at the plate in '07. Look at him now...
  9. The almost no-no clocks in at No. 9. Damn those, A's...
  10. We can't have a top 10 list from 2007 without the name "Manny" popping up. And here's his moment, in walk off fashion.

I highly suggest to click through those links and just look at the pictures. You don't even have to read anything -- just look at it and get that feeling back. It's a good feeling isn't it? That's what we are striving to achieve for our 2008 moments.

So throw 'em at us. The obvious and the not-so obvious. Jon Lester's no hitter? You bet it will be on there. The seven-run comeback in the ALCS against the Rays? That'll be high. Manny's departure? Yeah, I'm voting for that one to be high on the list.

Leave a comment and let us know. We don't want to miss a single great moment!