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Who am I?

1. I pitch for the Boston Red Sox.

2. I have been considered a potential ace for a number of years. There are many who are reluctant to give me the "ace" label now.

3. According to's numbers, I was 6th among qualified ML starters in Fielding Independent Pitching this past season, behind only Tim Lincecum, Cliff Lee, CC Sabathia, Dan Haren, and Roy Halladay.

4. I was 3rd among qualified ML starters in K/BB behind Roy Halladay and Dan Haren. I lowered my walk rate and upped my K-rate from my 2007 numbers. I, of course, led my own team in both categories.

5. Out of my three seasons with the Red Sox, there are many who would say that I only pitched well for one.

6. Only Tim Wakefield, among my teammates, had a better WHIP than I did this season. I was 7th in the AL in this category.

7. I am quick to take the blame for losses and to give credit to others when I win. 

8. I am definitely a better pitcher than the still good pitcher who led my team in wins this season.

Who am I? (Answer within)