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Sox trade Lugo for Dontrelle Willis?

The Globe's Nick Cafardo writes the Red Sox could trade Julio Lugo to the Tigers for a pitcher like Dontrelle Willis:

Detroit - The front office got the word late last week that it could keep the payroll at about $134 million, same as last season, which means they can sign a cheap free agent (Darren Oliver, Hoffman) or two. A far cry from last season, when they went all out and had nothing to show for it. They're also contemplating a deal with Boston to send either Nate Robertson or Dontrelle Willis for Lugo, but some money issues must be resolved.

Trading Lugo has always made sense to me, whether it's for a couple of nicely crafted bats or a bushell of baseballs. But for Dontrelle Willis? Eww. Gross.

Look at Willis' stats last season, in limited action for the Tigers: 24.0 IP, 35 BB, 18 SO with a 9.38 ERA. That's 35 walks in 24 innings! Holy crap! He really is the pitching-version of Lugo!

Robertson -- also bad, but pitched more -- could be a "Willis-lite." Seven wins, 11 losses last season with a 6.35 ERA in 168 innings pitched. Basically, it comes down to how much crap do the Red Sox want to carry on their back next season.

Am I crazy to think that this isn't even worth it? I honestly believe Lugo is more valuable than either Willis or Robertson. At least Lugo can give us speed. If he can't do anything else, he's fast. Check -- he already has more to offer than Willis or Robertson right there.