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OTM Top 20 Prospects In Review: #11-15.

...plugging right along.


15. Michael Almanzar, IF

2008 Numbers: R, 23 G 99 PA .348/.414/.472 6 2B 1 3B 1 HR 3 SB (3 CS)

A, 35 G 147 PA .207/.238/.314 5 2B 2 3B 2 HR 0 SB (1 CS)

Almanzar is potential. That line of his in A-ball doesn't look too good, but this was his age 17 season. He has enough potential, talent, and athleticism that the Sox wanted to give him an extended look against tougher competition. His long-term position is ?, though he played all his defensive innings at 3B. This is a guy I expect to move up on the list. Have to keep in mind his age, because going through rookie ball like he did (smallish sample aside) at age 17 is pretty impressive, especially for someone who didn't play a lot of baseball before the Sox signed him at 16.

14. Aaron Bates, 1B

2008 Numbers: AA, 124 G 530 PA .276/.366/.420 29 2B 2 3B 11 HR

Bates will be an absolute afterthought on any 2009 prospect lists. He's 24, plays only 1B, and his only big power "year" came at Lancaster in 2007. He's not cooked, but he's probably not even an edge of the peripheral part of the FO's long-term plans at this point. He illustrates an important point about prospects and positions. If he played 3B, he'd still be, at least, interesting at this point.

13. Josh Reddick, OF

2008 Numbers: A, 14 G 58 PA .340/.397/.491 4 2B 2 3B 2 SB (1 CS)

A+, 76 G 331 PA .343/.375/.593 11 2B 8 3B 17 HR 9 SB (1 CS)

AA, 34 G 132 PA .214/.290/.436 4 2B 2 3B 6 HR 3 SB (1 CS)

Reddick is a multitalented outfielder. He's definitely destined to move up the list. His power numbers are good, especially if he makes it as a RF, and he's shown the ability to steal some bases. He makes good hard contact on the ball. The only caveat with Reddick is plate discipline. Will he be able to put up a line similar to his .309/.354/.538 career line in the minors, or will his lack of patience get in the way of his development and turn him into another Jeff Francoeur? Either way, the ability and even performance (those AA numbers don't look great, but the power itself was there, and he was still only 21) make him one of the best Sox OF prospects right now.

12. Chris Carter, 1B/LF/DH

2008 Numbers: AAA, 121 G 522 PA .300/.356/.515 25 2B 2 3B 24 HR

Carter's probably going to drop off the list, but this is good news. One, it has to do with other guys we've acquired and developed, not because he was a poor player this season. He also might be a bit old to consider a true "prospect" at this point, a la Jeff Bailey. His future was as a backup 1B/DH/COF anyway, and Chris Carter himself would tell you that you can't fight the future.

11. Oscar Tejeda, IF

2008 Numbers: A, 97 G 396 PA .261/.301/.347 18 2B 1 3B 4 HR 11 SB (5 CS)

Tejeda is projection and potential at this point. His performance isn't eye-popping, though he's 18 so he can get a bit of a pass there at the A-level. It's fair to say that he's full of promise, but we've yet to see a lot of translation of that promise. Played SS and 3B in A-ball this year, though his bat will fit a lot better as a SS or 2B given what we've seen thusfar. He'll probably drop a few spots.


Better than the last one. Reddick's stock is rising, and Tejeda and Almanzar have tons of untapped potential. Bates might not even be marginal at this point. Carter won't see his stock plummet, but he's 26 and will make room for younger and more talented players on this list.

Thanks to and B-R as always.