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Should the Sox sign Derek Lowe?

I was really happy when Derek Lowe left the Red Sox after the 2004 season. My feelings were primarily due in part because I knew he wasn't worth the type of money he was going to demand. He ended up going to the Dodgers and having a great couple of seasons.

But now I wouldn't mind getting him back.

The Globe's Tony Massarotti says the Red Sox have talked to agent Scott Boras about Lowe:

With regard to this year's market, in particular, a major league source has confirmed that the Sox have inquired with agent Scott Boras about Lowe, interest deemed sincere enough that Boras has equipped the Sox with one of his famed marketing portfolios, or "books," on the player's value.

I say do it -- as long as the price is right. AJ Burnett and Ben Sheets have the potential to be amazing pitchers, but is the high price tag worth it if they hit the disabled list before the season even starts? Lowe is more durable than those pitchers and (should) have a lower price tag. Burnett might have a higher cieling, but is the price and injury-risk worth it?

I'm a sucker for bringing old Red Sox players back at a cheap price tag. Do we want to bring Pedro Martinez back? Heck yes. I'd be all over that. Mo Vaughn? Yeah, we can find room on our bench for him. Luis Alicea? Yes ... oh wait.

In all honesty, Lowe would be a pretty good fit in my mind if Boras doesn't try to rip the Sox off. He's a sinkerball pitcher, something the Sox are always looking for. If he's slotted in the middle-to-back of the rotation, the Sox could be all set.