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Bradford: Beckett's Painful Game 6

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Rob Bradford, one of my favorite Red Sox baseball writers, has a story on about Beckett's injury and how he gutted through Game 6. It's well worth a read. A sample:

When Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein describes Beckett’s five-inning performance in Game 6 as “borderline heroic” it is with good reason.

Beyond the fact that he had to adjust his game to the point of throwing nearly 40 percent off-speed pitches because of the ailment, there was the immense obstacle that the pain presented.

Even with the assistance of pain-relieving medication following the ALCS win, Beckett still struggled to put his shirt on just before getting exiting the Tropicana Field visitors’ clubhouse.

Beckett's start is all the more impressive considering this, although it might've been wiser to just rest him. Winning in the playoffs is important, but not to the point that it destroys young talented pitchers.