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Alicea out as first base coach

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According to Sean McAdam from the Herald (oooh, that sounds weird), the Red Sox coaching staff will stay intact for 2009 with the exception being first base coach Luis Alicea:

The club announced yesterday that pitching coach John Farrell, hitting coach Dave Magadan, bullpen coach Gary Tuck, bench coach Brad Mills and third base coach DeMarlo Hale all were retained for 2009, but the Sox didn’t offer Alicea a chance to return.


But indications were that Alicea had a philosophical clash with manager Terry Francona, likely leading to his dismissal.

The Sox did not announce a replacement for Alicea, but they likely will find another Spanish-speaking coach who can communicate with the team’s Latino players.

I guess finding another Latino to coach first base ... makes sense? Obviously, being bi-lingual would be huge for a Red Sox team that has historically had a clubhouse of many languages.

I wonder what the "philosophical clash" with Francona was. Alicea was also in charge of infield play and baserunning, so perhaps Alicia wanted to unleash the running game even more but Tito didn't? Who knows. It'll be interesting to see who will slide in at first next year.

Good luck to Alicea in the future. Alicea is a former Red Sox slugging second baseman in 1995. So much so that I can't even find a picture of him from that season...

Who I'd like to see coach first base in 2009: Any Red Sox from the 1995 squad ... Mike Greenwell, Tim Naehring, John Valentin, Roger Clemens or Tim Wakefield. Oh, wait, about that last one...