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Over The Monster in review

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As with the Red Sox, it is rebuilding mode for Over The Monster as well.

We have a very interesting offseason coming up: Has E-Coli overperformed in a contract year? What kind of money does he expect out of OTM management? Is he over-rated/under-rated? And Allen Chace, once again, is complaining about the commute. Is it time to put up or shut up? He had a good season, but can OTM find better value elsewhere?

And of course, that Randy guy. Pretty solid. Wears the "C." A Boston heartthrob. He's here for good.

Ok, now I'm being serious (except that Boston heartthrob part -- that's true). With the off-season coming up and after a raucous season of baseball, how did we at Over The Monster do for you, the readers? We are always looking to improve the best Red Sox blog, but we can only do it with reader input. Did the open threads suck? Did the game recaps rock? Did you want more insight/analysis? Are numbers more your thing? Do you like long walks on the beach?

Whatever it is, let us know. Leave a comment in this thread or feel free to e-mail me at rbooth AT overthemonster DOT com.

So let us know. Just like any good baseball team, we're trying to fill the holes in the offseason, but you need to let us know what they are.

Thanks a lot!