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Words from Randy: Red Sox were so close

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You know? A baseball series doesn't get much better than that.

Obviously we're not the happy fans tonight. Those guys in Florida are the lucky ones. But there's nothing to really to be disappointed about right now. To force a game seven after being down 7-0 in an elimination game is a big deal. The final result didn't go our way, but it showed how great of a team this really is.

The bottom line is that the Rays are a great team this year. When two great teams clash, the little things will decide a series. The Rays had the "little things" edge and now are drinking the champagne. Congrats to them.

Let's not overlook what the Sox did this year. They battled through a lot of injuries to be one of the best teams in the American League. They fought through a tough schedule with wounded players and still put up a remarkable season. Congrats to them, for sure.

But it's now the off-season, the time where everyone is a player in the market. We'll have our fair share of the hot stove, the swirling rumors and everything else that happens in the cold months. There's no doubt it's going to be a fun one.

And yes, I will say it again like I say every year: Go Sox!