Beckett doesn't look good

Beckett in his game 2 start did not look good. With all the runs the red sox gave him and he couldnt get it done. I know he is hurt and that is probably what most people will say is the reason he was bad, but he was shaking off Tek very much. Now, I also think he shouldn't even have been in that last inning or at least came out after he gave up a hit, but i don't blame that on Beckett. I think if necessary it comes back to Beckett's spot in the rotation to pitch in this series he shouldn't pitch, or even the rest of this postseason. He is hurt and is only hurting us by playing. We have a better chance pitching someone who is healtier and has a better chance to help the team. We all want Beckett to get to 100%, but that probably won't happen. As much as I love Beckett to win this year I believe he needs to be on the bench.