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Questions with DRays Bay's RJ Anderson

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Don't worry. This time, these questions and answers are pretty solid. RJ Anderson from, the SBN Rays blog, answered some questions for me just in time for game one of the ALCS.

  • Who's the unsung hero in the Rays' lineup?
  • Just about everybody sings Evan Longoria's tune, so probably Carlos Pena or B.J. Upton.
  • Which Rays starting pitcher should the Sox fear the most?
  • Andy Sonnanstine. Being the game four starter signifies he's not as good as the other three starters, yet the guy gave the Red Sox some fits the last two times he faced them.
  • Did you ever personally believe the Rays would be in the ALCS in 2008?
  • Heavens no, I was hoping for 85 wins, not along playoff and potential World Series hopes.
  • Dropping the 'Devil': did this actually make a difference?
  • Of course. Although my definition of making a difference is anytime you can get satanic worshippers to disown you
  • What will be the Rays' biggest strength in this series?
  • Defense as usual.
  • What will be the Rays' biggest weakness in this series?
  • I really want to say hitting, which would mean the pitching remains stellar, but I've got a bad feeling one of the starters won't last long.
  • Your prediction?
  • Winner goes on to take the World Series as well. Hopefully Rays in seven, or less.

    One last thing: Go Sox! (I said that, not RJ, of course).