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OTM's Top Prospects List: Finished!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce that we have finished Over The Monster's Top 20 Red Sox prospects list. Here is the finished list, all the way from top to bottom:

1. Ellsbury, Jacoby - OF
2. Buchholz, Clay - RHP
3. Lowrie, Jed - MIF
4. Masterson, Justin - RHP
5. Bowden, Michael - RHP
6. Anderson, Lars - 1B
7. Kalish, Ryan - OF
8. Hagadone, Nick - LHP
9. Moss, Brandon - OF
10.Middlebrooks, Will - SS
11.Tejada, Oscar - SS
12.Carter, Chris - 1B
13.Reddick, Josh - OF
14.Bates, Aaron - 1B
15.Almanzar, Michael - IF
16.Place, Jason - OF
17.Richardson, D. - LHP
18.Wagner, Mark - C
19.Johnson, Kris - LHP
20.Engel, Reid - OF
Thank you to everyone that voted and gave us your feedback. I think this was a really good process and was a lot of fun. Now let's hope they all don't get traded for Johan Santana tomorrow...