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Roger Clemens or American Gladiators? Easy.

Do I really have to watch this Roger Clemens crap on 60 Minutes tonight?

I mean, I don't have to but I feel obligated to. I am a baseball fan. I am a fan that wants baseball to be a clean sport. But if you asked me what I'm looking forward to more, 60 Minutes or the premiere of American Gladiators tonight, then the choice is easy.

American Gladiators > Roger Clemens. Any day of the week, actually.

I wish 60 Minutes was on at 9 tonight just so I'd have a valid excuse to watch Hulk Hogan and American Gladiators over Clemens and his unbelievable rhetoric. Look at it this way: would I rather see a guy poorly try to reconstruct a tarnished career, or a group of buff women crack necks and spleens while laughing all the way?

They have their strong differences though. On American Gladiators, we'll see a bunch of beefed-up 'roiders. On 60 Minutes, we'll see ... oh. Maybe they aren't that different after all...

(Consider this post an open thread for American Gladiators. Or 60 Minutes ... if, for some crazy reason, that's what you're going to be watching tonight.)