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Cooperstown could be calling Rice's name

With steroids becoming the hot topic in baseball, some Hall of Fame voters might reconsider their vote for Jim Rice getting into the hall of fame:

The often surly Boston Red Sox slugger, feared by opposing pitchers and unfriendly to the reporters who vote for the sport's highest honor, has fallen short of hall induction for 13 years.

Now, with the rampant use of steroids unveiled as one source of the game's home run inflation, Hall voters have a chance to re-examine Rice's numbers in the context of his era and give him what could be his last, best chance at induction.

"I think if you're the dominant player of your time, you should be in the Hall of Fame," said former Red Sox teammate Rick Miller. "And he was."

Rickey Henderson will be eligible for 2009 so this could be Rice's final legitimate shot at the Hall. I really hope he and Goose Gossage can get over the hump and we can end these "Should he? Should he not?" discussions forever.