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OTM's Top Prospects List: No. 17

We only have four spots left on our top 20 prospects list. Here are the players that remain after the previous poll:

Mark Wagner - 23yo - C - notes: strong defensive catcher, good game-caller
Dustin Richardson - 23yo - LHP - notes: tall, strong lefty with curve, change
Kris Johnson - 23yo - LHP - notes: big, tall lefty should have great '08 season if not in Lancaster

Let's add a new name to the list. Here he is:

Reid Engel - 20yo - OF
Engel is another guy both Allen and I have talked about previously with good comments about. Engel is another athletic and speedy outfielder that can put the bat on the ball. Like other young outfielders in the system, Engel is raw but has had good success in the Sox system so far. In Greenville last year, Engel hit .292 with a .361 OBP in 411 at-bats. Greenville is just A-, but if he starts the season in Lancaster he should get a huge boost in stats (even more) and maybe find himself in Portland before the year is over.

Check out the right sidebar for the poll. If you have another prospect you'd like to vote for, leave a comment.