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All right. So can we figure out where Coco will be playing now?

Also, any thoughts on Alex Cora's semi-absurd run-in with the law (Rotoworld sidebar)?

[Update] Rock the vote people. New poll in the right sidebar.

  • And Coco Crisp goes to the...
    Especially if Bobby Kielty signs with someone anyway, don't be surprised if the Sox continue to parrot the whole "we're fine going into the season with Coco on the roster", while simply waiting for opportunity to strike. There are several teams out there with currently unacceptable-barely acceptable CF situations, assuming those teams want to contend. The Sox could easily wait until certain teams wise up, or for an injury to occur.
    • Cubs: Felix Pie is the "incumbent" here, but that doesn't necessarily mean he does or should have a job...especially if they use him in another deal.
    • Reds: Have to think they're at least on the cusp of contention if everything breaks right. Jay Bruce may or may not be ready, and Ryan Freel probably fits better in his super-utility role.
    • Giants: Yes, I'm kidding about the "contending" part, but couldn't they use another CF/CF-type? Aaron Rowand, Dave Roberts, Randy Winn, Fred Lewis, and Rajai Davis just doesn't seem like enough depth at the position.
    • Padres: Are they really going to count on Jim Edmonds to start 140 games out there?
    • Rangers: Could make some sense if they feel like moving Hamilton to a corner would keep him healthier. On the other hand, given their decent but not great rotation, and health stalwarts Milton Bradley and Hamilton leading the pack in SLG%, they're probably not a Coco Crisp away, no matter how good his defense is.
    • Mariners: If this Bedard trade goes down, Ichiro is going to have a lot of ground to cover with Raul Ibanez and Brad Wilkerson on either side. They could be better off with Crisp somewhere in the mix, either full-time in CF, pushing Ichiro back to RF, or in an "offense/defense platoon" with either of the aforementioned corner OFs. Either way, he'd get more PT than in Boston.
    • White Sox: I could see ST causing them to wise up and realize that Nick Swisher isn't really a CF. OTOH, trading for Coco and putting him there could end up defeating the purpose of the Carlos Quentin trade or pushing Jermaine Dye to the bench. Could be a poor OF defensively, but at this point it's probably locked in barring injury.
    • A's: We've heard about Billy Beane's man-crush on Coco's defense. They're kind of in the same situation as the Rangers are in, however. Just not a Crisp away.
    • Angels: They're already spending like $25M on the CF position next season. What's a few more?