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Titanium is Sox's secret to World Series titles

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is wearing a necklace that the Red Sox, among other athletes, have made fashionable:

Being sheepish typically isn't an attribute associated with Matt Hasselbeck.

But when the Seattle Seahawks quarterback wanted a titanium-laced vinyl necklace from Phiten, which claims its products help athletes recover more quickly from aches and pains, he said he was too "embarrassed" to make the purchase, so he asked his wife to buy it for him in downtown Seattle.

"Now, I'm kind of hooked," said Hasselbeck, who questioned whether it would work but now constantly wears a Phiten necklace with the team's colors.


Johnson was one of the first American athletes to begin wearing a Phiten necklace following a trip to Japan a few years ago, and the necklaces gained widespread prominence when Boston Red Sox players wore them during their 2004 World Series championship run.

Red Sox players again were seen wearing necklaces during this year's title run, and the necklaces caught the eye of Hasselbeck, who played at Boston College.

Bud Selig isn't testing for titanium yet, so lets ride this train for as long as it takes us, shall we? In all honesty, this a pretty interesting story. I'm not sure the necklaces actually work but it seems like a lot of athletes are trying it and having positive results. If anyone wants to send me a free necklace to try it, I'm game.