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Baseball news pisses me off.

  • Texas high baseball coaches have no stones.
    Seriously? How hard was this? Even if you want to give him the benefit of the doubt considering a lack of concrete evidence (a position I don't share, but one I don't feel I could bash you for completely), even then do you still want him to come speak to you about pitching and conditioning? Let's forget, for a second, the mental terrorism that is the Roger Clemens experience. How about the crazy media coverage for the event? Do you need that kind of attention? IF strong suspicions are proven correct, do you want that kind of light cast upon all the HS baseball programs in Texas? Whew. Tired.
  • Astros sign Erstad.
    Old-ish news, but what're you gonna do? Erstad is described as having a lot of "versatility", which I assume means being allergic to walks and having no power at the same time. And yes, FJMers, the article does mention Erstad's experience as a punter. 'Stros GM Ed Wade hardly needs Erstad's help in doing that to Houston's 2008 season.
  • Clement.
    About now, I'm just entertained by all of this Matt Clement stuff. Scott at Camden Chat made a salient point that I think a lot of people forget: "How does Matt Clement figure in to any team that's rebuilding?" The larger point is, how is someone like him a good "get" for any team that isn't thinking of him as a potential #5 on their already-contending team? Does he really help a Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Washington or St. Louis club at this point?
Today? Today, make a prediction about the Sox in 2008.

Mine: Dustin Pedroia will not suffer a sophomore slump.