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Red Sox interested in Brad Wilkerson

Rob Bradford from The Herald confirmed rumors that the Red Sox are interested in outfielder Brad Wilkerson.

Wilkerson would be that 4th outfielder the Sox have been trying to figure out all off-season long. Where's Eric Hinske? He doesn't seem to be in the mix. If Brandon Moss can nail down first base, maybe he can be our super utility guy.

Wilkerson seems to only fit the "utility" mold and nothing else. He hit .234/.319/.467 with 20 home runs in 338 at-bats. He obviously has some power, but I don't think we could rely on him to come off the bench and earn a clutch hit.

I'd like to see the Sox take a chance on Reggie Sanders, who is deciding whether to retire or not at the moment.

Sanders said last season he wouldn't mind being a Red Sox. His experience would prove valuable in the clubhouse as well. He's an injury risk and he might be seeking more of a payout than the Red Sox are willing to dish out for an old, backup outfielder, but I think it's worth a shot.