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Announcement: Top 10 Sox Moments of '07

It's finally here. The moment(s) you've all been waiting for, ever since I didn't announce this project to more than a few people.

Top 10 Sox Moments of 2007.

...well hold on just a minute there. Don't most/all of these deserve their own entry? Right you are sir/ma'am, and they will receive such. However, I wanted to go ahead and alert the media to this so that they would be prepared and ready to interview me before the list begins on Monday. Also, we have a few honorable mentions to hand out.

Before I get to those, I want to thank the contributions of those who responded to the ballots I sent out. Randy, SoxDevil, and I obviously put in votes, but also included were some other long-standing OTMers of various repute. Fear not, sports fans, as we'll have more opportunities like these in the future, and I may be asking YOU to assist in making these kinds of difficult decisions.

Also: to anyone who didn't return their ballot yet: get it to me ASAP. I can still make slight edits to the order of the list before we begin the entries on Monday.

So, the honorable mentions. How about we do these by chronological order:

Pizza-Throwing Fan. April 16.

This still goes unexplained. So much to not be proud of. A Patriots (and presumably Sox fan) throws a slice of pizza at another Sox fan. Alex Cora was still ostensibly challenging Dustin Pedroia for the 2B slot. And J.C. Romero was still on the team (though as I realized during the clip, being used properly, i.e. up by >5 runs with only 6 outs to go). However. Just watch the clips. Remy and DO do some of their best work in games that have already been decided, and this incident was no different.

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Hinske's Head Bounce. May 17, Game 2.

This (Looking for May 17th, "Hinske's diving catch.") is probably the most painful-looking display of great fielding I have seen in a long time. Given that the game was tied, and the speed of Carlos Guillen, the Tigers' hitter at the time, this was a crucial play as well as being incredibly impressive. And of course, Hinske hit a 2-run HR to give the Sox the lead in the bottom of the same inning, a lead the Sox would not relinquish.

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Youk's Inside-the-Park job. Also, the return of Trot. May 28.

Yes, same page as Hinske's. (You know what you're looking for.) There are a few moments of particular note in this game. First off, Schilling struck out 10 Clevelands in 7 IP, bouncing back from a horrid start his last time out. Youk's knocked an inside-the-park HR, setting the bar for Dustin Pedroia in their personal speed races. And the return of the Trotter.

Look. I know all Sox fans weren't entirely enamored with the original Dirt Dog. But there was something about his return that I think made a lot of people remember only the good times (and even his critics can admit that there were plenty). He got a solid standing-O in his first PA, as he should have.

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The Return of Roberts. June 15.

Just before D Roberts Single to RF (Ground Ball), Retrosheet could've inserted Fenway Park pisses its collective pants in exuberance, and I don't think anyone would've challenged the veracity.

Sub-par Past Coverage: My game story.

Jacoby, 2nd-Home. July 2.

I have to admit, this one was very close to being on the final list. However, there just wasn't enough else going on in this game to make it to the top 10. However, even given the dimensions of ours and some other ballparks, this feat (you know what you're looking for) is probably not going to be accomplished again anytime soon.

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Two 1-ohs in a Row. July 24., July 25.

We were lucky, I think, to watch so much good pitching this season, and I'm sure Cleveland fans feel the same way. This came to a head with these back-to-back games, with both teams gaining one 1-0 win apiece. Daisuke over Sabathia and Carmona over Beckett. The kind of intense baseball where every moment is crucial, and you finally understand why your grandmother keeps her couches covered in plastic.

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Riverdance, Mora Squeezes One Out For Us. Sept. 28.

He bunted. No really, he bunted, and the Sox won the AL East for the first time in 8,946 years.

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Anyway, there you have it. The not-so top 10 moments of 2007. Anything that needs to be added? Put it in the comments, and I'll put something up tomorrow night.

And, we should begin revealing these on Monday. The write-ups will probably be somewhat similar in format, linking to past coverage by us and some of the other Sox blogs that we like. Hopefully I can find someone more talented to write them.

P.S. Joy of Sox by Allan Wood is up for Best Canadian Sports Blog. Vote here. Vote often, tell your friends, and forcibly force your enemies to vote. Don't be surprised if a similar plug appears in a couple more entries this weekend. Aside from spelling his name wrong, Mr. Wood is definitely worthy of your vote.

P.P.S. As always, any puns or painful double-entendres are, of course, intentional.