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Okajima: "Oh no!"

Our favorite Japanese reliever Hideki Okajima was in Tokyo to promote the Red Sox's arrive at the end of March. Oki reflected on the past season for him and the Sox:

"It was a long season with few holidays and a lot of travel," said Okajima. "But the biggest problem for me in the first year was the communication problems and getting used to the food."


Okajima's major league career got off to a rough start. With his first pitch, he gave up a home run to Kansas City's John Buck on April 2.

"After that ball went out, I said to myself 'Oh no!"' Okajima said. "My mind went blank. I went back to my hotel room that night and that's when I realized the major leagues are no piece of cake."

I know why Oki can't adjust to the food. It's because Dougie kept feeding him chicken parm and beer after every game.