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MLB Not-olds.

  • Mark Kotsay traded to the Atlanta Braves.
    MLBTR notes, wisely, that Billy Beane basically bought Joey Devine for the sum of $5+M. They weren't going to use Kotsay, and from the Braves' standpoint, they picked up a fine defensive CF who probably won't make enough of an argument on offense to stay the starter if one of their prospects is ready early. Also, we lost a potential Crisp trading partner.
  • Scott Rolen for Troy Glaus?
    If I asked one of the GMs involved to answer the question "Why?", they probably wouldn't be able to do it, would they? Glaus gives the Jays (who will have the pitching) the better chance to make some noise in the AL East/Wild Card, especially if the Yankees pitching prospects don't, y'know, cure cancer at some point next season. You don't need to focus on defense (Reed Johnson, McDonald, Wells (I kid because I love.), Rolen) at so many positions.

    The Cardinals, of course, are going nowhere with powers such as the Brewers and Cubs! in the NL Central, which will be won by whichever of the Brewers or Cubs manages to finish AT .500 next season. Just wait. In 2009, the "best" NL Central team will finish with 78 wins, with 16-18 coming against Pittsburgh. This might not be statistically possible. They'll find a way regardless.

  • Rangers sign Eddie Guardado.
    I dunno. Low-risk, I guess? He mentions something about proving that he can still pitch at a high level. Mark Loretta (April 17th) agrees.
  • ...that's all that interested me. Yeah, I know. Mike Cameron to the Brewers. The Yankees signed Jason Lane. ...whatever. One thing that was pretty cool, I guess:

    Emil Brown signs with the A's. Imagine a world with me for a minute. Imagine that Bonds' legal troubles somehow go away. Imagine a world in which Oakland Coliseum has as its outfielders, for at least one game, Jack Cust, Emil Brown and Barry Lamar Bonds. Could such a trio challenge for worst defensive OF of all-time? Yikes. One can dream, though I'm sure it won't happen even if all those players occupy the roster at the same time.