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Happy New Year from OTM!

AP Photo/Eric Gay

...gun to my head? Yes, I was tempted to crop Lugo out.

This not only completes another year for the world, which is really getting up there in years.

This also completes another year for OTM and the community we all share in here.
Too cutesy?

This also completes my first year blogging here.
Too long?

I dunno. What to say at this point? Why, just in the past few weeks, we've had a stunning amount of Sox/Sox-related news:

  • The Sox are involved in the Johan Santana Trade Discussions™.
  • The Sox are in the lead/still involved in the Johan Santana Trade Discussions
  • The Sox are helping the Twins to draw out the Johan Santana Trade Discussions
  • The Sox FO have all started diaries/journals about the Johan Santana Trade Discussions
  • Fox recently optioned a script (yes, crossing picket lines to do so) for the Johan Santana Trade Discussions™ (as a union writer, kind of but not really, I do not sanction this particular piece of news).
I like to think I've grown a lot as a blogger in this past year. Why, I went from:
Not blogging, ever.
Blogging semi-effectively and semi-regularly.
Some pretty obvious growth there. We'll get back to baseball/Johan Santana later tomorrow, but for now, how have you grown this year, and how do you hope to grow in the future? (Specifically (not) politically.)