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Game Story: Sox use Just One Catcher!

Would you send this man anywhere with the purpose of "keeping the peace"?

All right. So a little bit of drama in the middle of the game. If Daniel Cabrera was so upset at himself for balking in a run that he felt a message pitch to DP was neccessary...he's as batshit as the guy in the picture. That being said, my sources tell me ol' McCracken was attempting to talk to the young, strike zone-challenged Oriole starter. What he was trying to tell him is anyone's guess.

On the whole, kind of a boring night offensively. The best individual performance was J.D. Drew with a ground-rule 2B and 2 BBs. He also made a couple of good catches, showing off his range and speed out in RF. Youk also made a great diving stop to end the 2nd, and Jacoby Ellsbury added to his already sterling HoF credentials (whoa, I'm kidding) with a nice catch at the wall in the 8th.

Also of note. The GB Lugo got to in the 9th to throw out (Millar?)? None of our starting SS in the last several years (going back to at least John Valentin, though I know that in itself doesn't say much) get to that ball. Hyperbole? Maybe, but I don't think I'm wrong there.

Backtracking a bit, if you didn't see it, the third run scored due to a balk by the aforementioned Cabrera. Apparently Coco was thinking about stealing home anyway, might've had it, but Cabrera noticed at just the wrong time and balked him in.

Jon Lester was in control pretty much the entire way. (7 IP, 4 H, 2 BB, 2 K, 98 pitches/62 strikes) This is the first game I've seen from him that showed us a real glimpse of what he can be as a pitcher in the Majors. (I suppose June 21 and July 18 of last season could make an argument here)

J-Lo and MDC pitched two scoreless to finish the game. 4-0 Sox win.

The Lester, of course.