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Game Story: Sox use Three Catchers!

Coco Crisp (pictured, not Kevin Youkilis) is welcomed by Kevin Youkilis (pictured, not Coco Crisp) after hitting his first HR since 2005.

I'm a huge Coco fan. However, even I can admit that it's been frustrating to see him bookend two good offensive months (June/July) with some work that even J.D. Drew might be able to look down on (okay, this is a stretch). So, if you had asked me to list (in order) the 10 most likely players to be the offensive hero for the Sox tonight, Coco would've been #12, just ahead of J.D. Drew and Royce Clayton. #11 on my list? Josh Beckett.

It's possible both Tim Wakefield and Doug Mirabelli came back too soon.

Clay showed us that the Sox are rich even if they just have one Buch in their pocket. (I should be fired for this one.) Seriously, after finally showing some rookie nerves, he got out of a jam and then threw up two solid innings on top of the shaky one.

Paps is not really even a human being.

That's it. I don't want to push B Cap's shameless bid for my job too far down.

Who else but Ococ?

P.S. Thanks Tek!