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Game Story: Sox Lose, +1 remains +1.

Johnny Pesky is not a crook. The Sox celebrated his birthday this evening prior to the game. It went downhill from that point.

So +1 decided that 20 is a nice round number. He's the staff ace, what can you do? He non-scattered 10 hits over 6 IP, leading to 5 runs from the Twins including 2 HRs. Whether fair to C.C. Sabathia or not, +1 becoming +2 probably would've ended the Cy Young race.

The Sox offense kept pace most of the way, led by David Ortiz with his 4-4, 2B, HR, BB evening. Mike Lowell was oddly impotent, with 2 GIDPs and 6 LOB. DP continued his push for the RoY, going 2/5 with a SB. J.D. Drew reached base 3 times in 5 PAs, knocking in 1 and stealing a base himself. I'm kind of curious (didn't see the game) as to whether we attempted to steal 2nd at every possible opportunity. The Twins did "throw" Matt LeCroy back there.

The Sox did put together a late rally against the Twins' Joe Nathan. Brandon Moss led off the 9th with a 2B. Papi walked behind him and was replaced by Royce Clayton on the bases. Mike Lowell grounded to 1b, making the Sox' first out but moving both runners into scoring position. After an IBB to J.D. Drew, Nathan struck out 'Tek and Youks to end it.

On the bright side, the Sox pen looked good. Okajima returned, and he (8th), Bryan Corey (7th) and MDC (9th) combined for three scoreless innings, striking out 4 and allowing 2 singles.

Magic number remains at two.