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GT: A's @ Sox. No Hinske. :<(?

Jon "Walks" Lester plays "host" to Joe "MF" Blanton.

A's Lineup:

  • Shannon Stewart, lf
  • Daric "Got Schill's #" Barton, 1b
  • Nick Swisher, cf?
  • Mike "Anti-Lowell" Piazza, dh
  • "Jumpin'" Jack Cust, "rf"
  • Mark "Soxkilla" Ellis, 2b
  • Kurt "Future of the team" Suzuki, c
  • Jack "Jungle" Hannahan, 3b
  • Donnie "Is Bobby Crosby still alive?" Murphy, ss
Sox Lineup:
  • Dustin PedRoYa, 2b
  • Manny "Hit&Run" Ramirez, "lf"
  • David Ortiz, dh
  • Mike Lowell, 3b
  • J.D. "3/4!" Drew, rf
  • Kevin "Not Hinske" Youkilis, 1b
  • Jason "Patience" Varitek, c
  • Yagoboy Ellsbury, cf
  • Julio "Wrath of CoN" Lugo, ss
  • After some fairly unextensive research I've come to realize we should be at least a little upset with Lady Luck instead of Eric Hinske. His BABIP is the lowest of his career by 26 points (though his LD% is down to 10! from 16+ a year ago). He's been talking walks at a better rate than last season, and his isolated power (.200) is just one point below "Being"'s. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I was at least somewhat wrong about him. He's still infuriating to watch sometimes, and the low line drive rate is kind of alarming, but he hasn't been as useless or as feeble as he seems at the plate.
  • Aside from his last start against the Indians (5.2 IP, 106 pitches), Blanton has been very efficient lately. His previous four starts were all at least 7 innings and under 100 pitches. His last start against the Sox was in Schill's one-hitter earlier this season. Safe to say he took a hard-luck loss in that one.