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Game Story: 3 Is a Magical Number.

Not only did Being remember how to hit opposite-field singles, he also remembered the right direction to run after doing so.

The Return.

This game had just about all you could've asked for.

  • Being did not look rusty upon his return.
  • Eric Hinske got only 2 PAs.
  • Youks played.
  • Schill had it folks. 6 IP, ER, 6 Ks, 86 pitches with 62 of those going for strikes.
  • MDC showed Eric Gagne what power righties are supposed to do.
  • J.D. Drew: 3/4, BB, 2B.
The list goes on. Anyway, a lot to feel good about going into tomorrow's Blanton v. Lester game. Hopefully we can look forward to a lineup with Manny and Youks starting with Eric Hinske playing his best position (cheerleader).