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GT: A's @ Sox. Guess who's back?

A's Lineup:

  • Shannon Stewart, lf
  • Daric Barton, 1b
  • Nick Swisher, cf
  • Jack Cust, "rf"
  • Mark "Soxkilla" Ellis, 2b
  • Dan Johnson, dh
  • Marco Scutaro, ss
  • Jack "Jungle" Hannahan, 3b
  • Kurt Suzuki, c
Sox Lineup:
  • D "RoY" P, 2b
  • "Being", "lf"
  • Papi, dh
  • Lowell, 3b
  • Drew, rf
  • 'Tek, c
  • Coco "Gold Plz" Crisp, cf
  • Eric "3k" Hinske, 1b
  • Lugo, ss
Dr. Curtly takes the mound against Big Bad Chad Gaudin.

What to watch for:

  • both Kurt Suzuki and Daric Barton are big pieces of the A's future.
  • Jack Cust to misplay at least one ball in the RF corner at Fenway, if not more. You know, assuming someone in our lineup hits one out there.
  • Drink for every rally Eric Hinske kills. That is, if you weren't already.