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Game Story: Alex Cora hit a HR!

Dice-BB and Josh "Score" Beckett wonder WTF is wrong with Tim Wakefield.

Actually, Wake had another one of those "thankcristitwasntabsolutecrap" outings. Nonetheless, depending on his start Wednesday, I still might opt for Lester as our #4 going into the playoffs. I say that, however, being too lazy at this moment to check his overall innings on the season.

Bullpen-wise, Julian Tavarez reminded us why he's probably less reliable than even Eric Gagne in relief. Bryan Corey continued his run of success, and Mike Timlin allowed two Devil Rays to reach base in the 8th, just because he felt like it.

Two complete surprises on offense.

  • Alex Cora was the top performer for the Sox offensively. Hit a solo HR in the 8th inning to close the gap to 1, and had a single as part of the 3-run Sox rally in the 6th.
  • Eric Hinske, believe it or not, went 0-4 with a K and a GIDP. Shocked the pants off of you, didn't it?
We had the bases loaded in the 6th with one out and three runs already in. We scored 0 additional runs. For those pessimistic about the Sox offense, there is exhibit A. Though, the fault was ultimately Hinske's, and hopefully Youk will be back to reclaim his spot later this week anyway.

I dunno. Off-day tomorrow. Maybe some end-of-year award-based content?